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EEPC v6.x and EnCase Support

EEPC v6.x and EnCase Support

Guidance Software has released a EnCase version 6.19 with support for EEPC v6.x. This functionality was released in August 2011 and allows customers who have both EEPC and EnCase to use the two products together.

This is a Phase 1 integration that requires an administrator to export information from ePO and then provide it to EnCase in order to access a machine which is encypted. Phase 2 will be delivered by Guidance Software after McAfee has released EEPC v6.1 Patch 2. EEPC 6.1 Patch 2 introduces scripting support and McAfee has exposed the necessary API's for Guidance Software to integrate directly with EEPC and ePO and allow an automated retrieval of the necessary information from ePO. This removes the need for any manual extracts from ePO and improves the experience for the administrator. This second phase is currently a work in progress but is progressing nicely.

Best regards

Anthony Merry

Senior Product Manager

Endpoint Encryption for PC

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