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EEFF v4.2 : Client side McAfee Tray UI changes

EEFF v4.2 : Client side McAfee Tray UI changes

NOTE : EEFF will henceforth be referred to as "File & Removable Media Protection".

The necessary changes for the new product name will be incorporated in the next release v4.3.

There were changes implemented on the Client UI side as part of EEFF v4.2 to display policy information in a slicker and in a more meaningful form to the end user.

The idea behind the changes was to display only information that is relevant to the end user. If additional information is required, the same can be obtained by generating the "Status Report" xml file.

As a starting point, the changes were carried out for Removable Media & CD/DVD policies. The end user can view the "Protection Level" details for USB Media and CD/DVDs applicable to his/her machine. Finer details of the policies are hidden from the end user.


Information related to the "Password Policy" has also been carved out, and presented separately as shown below.


There is a continual effort to improve the end user experience with the product. Please do let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions.


nice UI Naveen - very clear. Do you find it create support questions from users, or are people happy with the amount of information it shows?

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