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Dynamic Endpoint Security Framework

Introducing: McAfee Dynamic Endpoint Security Framework

In today’s enterprise environment, cybersecurity demands a multi-pronged approach.  The endpoints are the new perimeter and must have the most sophisticated protection possible.  Gone are the days of just deploying traditional anti-virus, endpoint security must be intelligent and integrated to enables protection, detection and correction across the threat defense lifecycle.   If your endpoint security could talk to other security technologies and tell you in plain language what they are seeing and doing, then you’d have an intelligent endpoint security that works for you.

McAfee's Intelligent Security solution provides a comprehensive set of security controls that is easy to extend and adapt over time.  It focuses on providing world-class protection against current threats, as well as visibility to identify and adapt to new threats.

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In this guide, we'll walk you through deployment and configuration of an intelligent endpoint protection solution that can help you:

  • Keep a resilient digital enterprise that can withstand sophisticated attack campaigns
  • Improve visibility and speed of detection of attacks if and when they breach the organization
  • Minimize financial, brand and user impact from security incidents
  • Reduce operational expenditures for security operations

To get started with McAfee Dynamic Endpoint, review the individual guides below.  They provide a step-by-step roadmap for planning, deploying, configuring and testing your endpoint solution.

DynamicEndpoint Security 2 - Basic Endpoint

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