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View the answers to frequently asked questions regarding DXL:

What is DXL?

McAfee Data Exchange Layer (DXL) bi-directional, open communication platform that unites disparate technology solutions, across multiple vendors, to enable instant communication and collaboration.

How is DXL different from existing and alternative approaches?

DXL is a fast and simple communication fabric that allows for the bi-directional sharing with other connected systems. This prevents the slow one point API-based integrations, which end up being too complex and expensive to maintain. All components connected through DXL can listen to specific information or query a specific service on DXL.

How does using DXL make a partner or customer’s software better?

DXL allows a partner or customer's software to "speak the same language" as our products. This will result in a more swift and efficient exchange of information throughout the infrastructure, as communication across DXL will be uniform.

What are the types of integrations people are doing with DXL?

Current partners have different types of integrations that can be found here.

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