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Announcing the availability of McAfee Management of Native Encryption 2.0

Announcing the availability of McAfee Management of Native Encryption 2.0

McAfee is pleased to announce the immediate availability of McAfee Management of Native Encryption (MNE) 2.0

MNE 2.0 allows the management of the the built-in encryption capability of Mac OS X FileVault and now adds support for Windows BitLocker via ePO.

Management of Native Encryption is available in the following Endpoint Security Suites:

Please refer to the following articles for suitability in your environment,

New Features in this Release:

  • Management of Native Encryption (MNE) 2.0 adds support for Microsoft BitLocker
    • MNE 2.0 enables BitLocker management by ePO
    • Support of Trusted Platform Module (TPM), password and PIN authentication
    • Support of 256-bit binary recovery file for FIPS mode operation, 48-digit numeric recovery key for non-FIPS operation
    • Windows to Go support on Windows “Certified” devices
    • Support for reporting and full management policy options

  • New Features for OS X
    • Simplified client deployment enabling “one click installation” of both MA and MNE client
    • Single click import of a recovery key from “already encrypted” Macs with no end user or administrative burden
    • MNE 2.0 adds the ability to destroy the FileVault key if the machine goes to standby mode to increase the security of the client
    • Automated rotation of recovery keys
    • Additional user messaging

  • BYOD and Zero Day Support
    • Full management mode under ePO administrative control and enforcement. Key escrowed in ePO for administrative access
    • Reporting only mode leaves system under user’s control, allowing ePO continuous reporting oversight
    • Supports hardware that does not support absolute pointer protocols in UEFI for MDE pre-boot to operate
    • Zero day support for Windows and continued zero day support for Mac OS X

  • End User Self Service for Recovery
    • Optional Data Protection Self Service Portal (DPSSP) extending client recovery options
    • Utilizes Apples serial number or BitLocker recovery key ID to perform web browser based recovery

  • Administrative Experience
    • Simple and intuitive ON/OFF type security policy
    • Compliance reporting
    • Simple to use incident management workflows
    • Out of box dashboards and reports showing you everything you need at a glance

  • Management of Native Encryption 2.0 (MNE 2.0) is available with the addition of Korean, Chinese-Simplified and Chinese-Traditional languages.
    • ePO Extensions (MNEAdmin, DPSSP):
    • Mac OS X Client:
    • Windows Client:

For more information:

  • McAfee Management of Native Encryption 2.0 – Supported environments KB79375
  • Support for Windows To Go KB82249
  • Known issues with MNE 2.0 KB82245


The product is now available for customers from McAfee Product Downloads with a valid grant number.

Best regards

Stuart Bayliss
Group Product Manager
McAfee Drive Encryption (MDE)

Management of Native Encryption (MNE)

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