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Announcing the availability of McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Files & Folders version 4.2 with HF909834(Extension only)

Announcing the availability of McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Files & Folders version 4.2 with HF909834(Extension only)

Dear customers,

EEFF 4.2 Extension HF909834 is an updated extension with improvements which will enhance ePO Administrator experience. Please note that the enhancements are specific to ePO 5.0.1 only.

Please refer to the Release Notes for more details on the enhancements. This hotfix is recommended for customers using (or planning to use) EEFF 4.2 with ePO 5.0.1.

Customers who are working with ePO4.6.x do not need to upgrade as the enhancements are limited to ePO 5.0.1 only.

New Features:

In addition to supporting ePO 5.0.1, EEFF v4.2 includes the following features listed below:

  • Delegated Administration through Role Based Key Management
    • Provides the ability to logically separate key management across multiple Administrators; critical for separation across business functions and subsidiaries
    • This functionality is available only to users of EEFF 4.2 with McAfee ePO 4.6.6 and above
  • Seamless migration to ePO management
    • Allows legacy customers to migrate keys to ePO managed versions(and admin levels for ePO 4.6.6) with minimal work
    • Install the SbAdmDLL.dll update (patch), which is shipped withEEM 5.2.13 before exporting keys (with level information) from the legacy 3.2.x version
  • Auditing of Key Management and Policy Assignments
    • Audit trail for Key management and policy assignment related functions performed by ePO Admins
    • Critical to ensure compliance and prevent abuse by privileged admins
  • Configurable Expiration of Key Cache
    • Allows customers to configure the period for which keys will be cached at the client before being flushed due to non-connectivity to ePO
  • Use of McAfee Common Cryptographic Module – MCCM (submitted for FIPS certification)
    • MCCM is being validated at FIPS 140-2 Level 1, and EEFF now provides an option to install the product in FIPS mode
    • MCCM also provides performance benefits and, in particular,leverages Intel® Advanced Encryption Standard Instructions (AES NI), resulting in additional performance improvements on systems with AES- NI support
    • Please refer to NIST website for the current certification status:  CertificationStatus
  • Simplified “one click” recovery process for forgotten passwords for encrypted removable media in onsite mode
  • Configurable Authentication Options for Removable Media
    • Admin can configure the authentication options available to the end user via Removable Media Policy in ePO
  • Auditing & Reporting for CD/DVD/ISO events
    • Captures all end user actions related to CD/DVD/ISO events with an auditing capability that provides an effective feedback loop for administrators to use in making policy decisions
  • Improved Administrator experience
    • Simplification of policy settings for Removable Media and CD/DVDs
  • Support for USB 3.0 devices
  • Substantial Performance improvements in “delete” operations of files over network


The updated EEFF extension (referred to as EEFF4.2HF909834) is now available to customers on the McAfee Product Downloads site with a valid grant number. The note alongside the download file describes the purpose of the updated extension. Release Notes for HF909834 are provided on the Documentation tab.

Best Regards,

Naveen Chakrapani,

Product Manager

Endpoint Encryption for Files & Folders

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