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Announcing the availability of File & Removable Media Protection 5.0.1, Conduit Platform 1.1

Announcing the availability of File & Removable Media Protection 5.0.1, Conduit Platform 1.1

Dear customers,

We are happy to announce the release of FRP 5.0.1/Conduit Platform 1.1. FRP 5.0.1/Conduit Platform 1.1 is a feature pack release comprising of defect fixes and product enhancements listed in the section below. For a list of important defect fixes, please refer to the Release Notes.

File & Removable Media Protection is available in the following suites:

New Enhancements in this Release:

FRP 5.0.1

Limited support for Microsoft OneDrive for Business

FRP 5.0 offered the ability to configure protection level options for the following providers: Box, Dropbox [Business/Personal], Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive [Personal]. 

FRP 5.0.1 adds limited support for use of Microsoft OneDrive for Business with FRP. In this release, support is constrained to use of OneDrive for Business with Microsoft Office 2010. Use of FRP 5.0.1 with OneDrive for Business and Office 2013 (and later versions of Office) is NOT supported.

Note: Please refer to KB86791 for more information on support for OneDrive for Business with FRP

Enhancement: Windows lock trigger

The ‘Windows screen lock’ option available under ‘Encryption Key Options / Lock Triggers’ of Authentication policy has been replaced with a more context aware method of unloading keys based on their use. This option is available as ‘Key use inactivity (system locked)’, and provides the ability to configure an associated time interval.

Administrator assisted helpdesk recovery for Optical Media

FRP 5.0 offered the ability for end users to use a helpdesk assisted ‘Challenge Response’ mechanism to recover encrypted USB devices, and reset the authentication credentials following the recovery process.

FRP 5.0.1 extends the helpdesk assisted ‘Challenge Response’ mechanism to Optical Media devices.

Reporting enhancements

The following events have been added as part of FRP 5.0.1. These events are reported as part of ‘Removable Media: Device Events’ and ‘Optical Media: Device Events’ out-of-box queries.

  • Removable Media Authentication Event
  • Removable Media Recovery Event
  • Removable Media Credentials Change Event
  • Optical Media Authentication Event
  • Optical media Recovery Event


Conduit Platform 1.1

Availability of an Installer package for an improved Conduit Platform server set-up experience

The installer package made available with this release simplifies the installation and provisioning of the Conduit Platform server. For more information on the installation procedure, please refer to the Conduit Platform 1.1.0 Installation Guide (PD26312).

Performance/Scaling enhancements for Conduit Platform server

Conduit Platform server has been further enhanced to allow for handling requests from a much larger number of mobile devices. The platform has been tested to support up to 500 concurrent requests per second from devices. The actual scalability results may vary based on network, system hardware configuration, and other environmental factors.

Useful links:

  • File and Removable Media Protection – Supported Environments: KB81149
  • File and Removable Media Protection 5.0.1 Release Notes: PD26313
  • McAfee File and Removable Media Protection 5.0.x – FAQs: KB85876
  • Conduit Platform – Supported Environments: KB86369
  • Conduit Platform 1.1 Release Notes:PD26311
  • Conduit Platform 1.1 Installation Guide: PD26312


The product is available for customers from the Product Downloads page with a valid grant number and from the Software Manager.

Note: Conduit Platform 1.1 is available as an optional line item on the FRP 5.0.1 Downloads page, but is only required by customers who intend to allow users to view FRP encrypted files on mobile devices using MEA 2.0.x.

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