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Announcing support for Citrix XenDesktop with EEFF v4.2

Announcing support for Citrix XenDesktop with EEFF v4.2

Effective immediately, McAfee is pleased to announce that McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders (EEFF) now offers support for Citrix XenDesktop v5.6 for the already available EEFF v4.2 (released in Aug ’13). The support offered is for a Citrix XenDesktop v5.6 environment operating in the following modes:

  • Physical
  • Existing

Support for Citrix XenDesktop v5.6 is available without any code changes and as a result, any currently deployed EEFF 4.2 client can take advantage of this without any modification. McAfee is planning to offer support for additional modes/versions of Citrix XenDesktop, and also other VDI platforms in the future. If you have any related queries, please contact Product Management. For additional information related to support in a VDI environment, please refer to KB73490. For “Known Issues”, please refer to KB78436.

ePolicy Orchestrator and McAfee Agent Requirements:

  • ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO)
  • McAfee Agent
    • MA 4.8 Patch 1 and above
      • McAfee Agent supports User Based Policies in a VDI environment starting v4.8 Patch 1. Hence MA 4.8.1 is the minimum version of McAfee Agent required for use with EEFF in a Citrix XenDesktop environment


Known Issues:

  • Issue :  In a XenDesktop environment, the initialization popup message for Removable USB Media may not appear when 'Allow OR Enforce Encryption (with offsite access)' policy is applied using Policy Assignment Rule (PAR) to users
    • Workaround: Use the'Initialize Media' option available through the McAfee console on the client
  • Issue :  XenDesktop session (accessed through an online plugin) is interuppted when the user pastes data greater than 20 MB from a client drive to the USB stick
    • Note: This issue is not related to EEFF, and is seen even without EEFF installed. This issue occurs only when a Citrix XenDesktop session is spawned using the online plugin


For more information:

  • McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Files & Folders – Supported Platforms
  • FAQs for Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders 4.x
  • Encryption key types in Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders 4.x
  • How to create Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders 4.x Policies
  • Configuring EEFF v4.x to use only Endpoint Encryption for Removable Medi


Endpoint Encryption for Files & Folders (EEFF) will henceforth be referred to as "File and Removable Media Protection (FRP)". The necessary changes for the new product name will be incorporated in the next release v4.3.

Best Regards,

Naveen Chakrapani

Product Management

McAfee Endpoint Encryption

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