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Announcing McAfee Management of Native Encryption v1.0

Announcing McAfee Management of Native Encryption v1.0

McAfee is pleased to announce the immediate availability ofMcAfee Management of Native Encryption (MNE) v1.0. MNE allows customers tomanage the native encryption functionality offered by Apple on OS X MountainLion and above directly from McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO). This is designedto be a replacement for McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Mac (EEMac). Customerscan migrate encrypted Macs seamlessly from EEMac to MNE. This new product isavailable to all new and existing encryption customers, as it will be added tothe existing encryption SKU’s.

The MNE based approach enables IT organizations to meettheir data security needs without impacting the end user experience. Forexample, with MNE, Mac users can perform major OS X upgrades without having todecrypt and re-encrypt the drive. IT is able to provide zero day support forbrand new Mac hardware without having to wait for McAfee to certify it.

Over Six enterprise Customers, spread throughout the globe,have already started deploying MNE v1.0 to their production environments withgreat success.

Features include:

  • Manage FileVault on any Mac hardware that canrun OS X Mountain Lion or Mavericks directly from ePO
  • A new report only mode that is designed to helpcustomers report and enforce compliance on BYOD type Macs
  • Enforce a password complexity policy on local OSX Users
  • Report compliance in various reports &dashboards in ePO
  • Provide the FileVault Recovery Key, whenrequired in Recovery use cases, to use Apple provided recovery tools andworkflows
  • Allow Administrators to manually importFileVault Recovery Keys where end users have already manually enabled FileVault
  • Ability to generate a comprehensive Proof ofCompliance report in the event of a lost/stolen laptop

For more information:

Educational Videos:

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McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Mac:

The current version of McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Mac,version 7.0, will be the last version of this product that will be produced.Management of Native Encryption is the strategic replacement of EndpointEncryption for Mac. There are no more planned releases.

Customers will be advised of the End of Life strategy forMcAfee Endpoint Encryption for Mac by the end of the year 2013.


The products are now available from the McAfee ProductDownload Site or the ePO Software Manager with a valid grant number.

Best regards,

Anthony Merry

Group Product Manager

McAfee Endpoint Encryption

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