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Announcing McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC v5.2.13

Dear Customers,

Available now, McAfee announces the release of McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC’s (EEPC) version 5.2.13. EEPC 5.2.13 is a maintenance release that also includes a number of issue fixes and some small feature enhancements.

New Fixes and Functionality:

Fixes EndpointEncryption for PC’s:

  • The Dell Vostro 1450 and 3450 systems lacksupport in their BIOS for accessing disk sector using unaligned memory buffers. This resulted in either the message Error reading disk sector or Error writing disk sector being displayed. The systems have been added to the compatibility list of systems that require aligned buffers for disk access.
  • A delay is observed when typing using a USB keyboard on Dell Optiplex 760,780,790 and T3500 systems
  • When using EEPC 5.2.0 to 5.2.12, several instances of SbClientHelper.exe are spawned and never terminated

New Functionality EndpointEncryption for PC’s:

  • Add the ability to set pre-boot flags during activationbased on system information for IRQ handling and aligned buffers

Fixes EndpointEncryption Manager:

  • CreateUser command doesn’t work without –Groupoption on Japanese OS
  • RestoreMachine command in scripting tool givesinsufficient Memory
  • Connector manager keeps on updating users withmix of hidden and unhidden information fields
  • Error e0000010 getting audit for object 00001c44"Installer“

Legacy Encryption Status Update:

EEPC v5.2.13 is the last planned build for the legacyv5.x family. There will be no new features or functionality added to the legacyproduct from this point on, and all open Product Enhancement Requests on v5.xwill now be closed. McAfee will investigate any support items raised to McAfeeSupport and address them at McAfee’s discretion.

Earlier this year, many legacy versions entered the EOLprocess. The EOL information can be viewed on the standard McAfee webpage ( only legacy versions that have not started the EOL process are v5.2.6, v5.2.12and v5.2.13. An announcement about these versions starting the EOL process willbe made before year-end 2013.


The product is now available from McAfee Product Downloadswith a valid grant number.

Best regards

Anthony Merry

Group Product Manager

Endpoint Encryption for PC

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