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McAfee DAM

Dear Team,

we are planning to implement McAfee DAM product so below are queries regarding the product:

1.Can we implement McAfee DAM standalone? there any need of McAfee ePO for the DAM Implementation?

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McAfee Employee mstrauss
McAfee Employee
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Re: McAfee DAM

McAfee DAM in itself (ie. just the Database Activity Monitoring) is not a standalone licence - however McAfee Database Security suite (DCD) comes in two deployment "flavors":

1. Standalone (either deployed on a Windows or Linux OS)

2. ePO integrated

There is no need for ePO if you choose to go with the standalone deployment.

Below are some links to further information.

System requirements:

McAfee Data Center Security Suite for Databases System Requirements | McAfee Products

Install Guide 4.6.x (Standalone)

Product Guide 4.6.x (Standalone)

Hope this helps.



Re: McAfee DAM

You Can install in Two ways

Standalone comes with Postgres DB  If you have expertise in postgress to purge you can use Standalone one

Through ePO purge is very easy.

In stand alone we no need to install Mcafee Agent to install sensor

But through ePO we have install agnet to install sensor

McAfee Employee dboyd
McAfee Employee
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Re: McAfee DAM

We don't recommend using the integrated HSQL database except for Proof of Concept. If you can't commit a DBMS license, SQL Express is a better free option.
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