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"Upgrading" from DLP 9.3.6 to DLP 9.4.1 - DLP Policy Conversion FRP key not found

Simply run the DLP Policy Conversion server task...

28/01/16 10:02:25   Started: DLP policy conversion from 9.3 to 9.4
28/01/16 10:02:26   FRP 'XYZ 123 DLP Key' key was not found.
28/01/16 10:02:26   Failed: Event Task Runner has failed. error FRP 'Bedford Borough DLP Key' key was not found.
28/01/16 10:02:26   DLP Policy Conversion

In DLP 9.3 I had defined an encryption key "XYZ 123 DLP Key" (name changed from original) for use when encrypting files that are copied to external media.

I searched everywhere in the product guide looking for Encryption Key, nothing much was said about this.

I'm going to confess, it took me a while to get the hint: FRP key was not found. So after creating a FRP Key (Menu, FRP Keys, Actions, Create a new key) with the same name, the task ran and got beyond the not finding the FRP key.

Hope this helps anyone else who has the same issue with encryption keys and converting the DLP Policies.

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