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"Upgrade" DLP 9.0 to Device Control 9.1 or 9.2 ?

Is it possible to upgrade DLP 9.0 to Device Control 9.1 or 9.2 without having to document and then manually re-create the device control rules we have ?

We currently are using DLP 9.0, which is end of support/live shortly.  Whilst we are licensed for later versions until end of March 2013, we intend, at that point, to reduce licenses as part of cost savings. We have a separate license for  Total Protection for Endpoint (i believe thats right), which includes Device Control, so we intend, going forward to cover the license that way.

Whilst we are using and have DLP installed, we are actually only using the Device Control functions to handle use of removable media devices (principally USB storage).

So, in that respect, Device Control would seem logical.

What i'm concerned about is a few things I read in the manual regarding upgrades.

First there is the section in upgrade issues about backwards comptability - 9.0 is the first version we've used, and we've not , to my knowledge, used any of the "unsupported items".

Next is the section on Phased upgrade. I take it from this you can't just throw the new DLP 9.1 or 9.2 agent out to everything at once, so would need to have both 9.0 and 9l.1 or 9.2 clients out for some time ?

Also with regards DLP Policy, another area of concern, at present it'll be marked as a DLP Policy, but if I intend to effectively upgrade and migrate to device control at the same time, will the cut down Device control accept the restore of my DLP policy ? (the only non-Device control rules that exist from early testing are disabled).

any advice/suggestions would be appreciated.

thanks in advance

Matt W.

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