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outlook DLP add-in crash

Hello friends,

i am facing issue of outlook DLP Add-in crash in client machine. I searched over net but nothing find helpfull.

McAfee DLP 9.3

outlook 2010

Any one have idea about this issue and resolution.

Thanks in advance

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Re: outlook DLP add-in crash

We have this on occassion, and have had to uninstall and re-install the DLP endpoint.   That is of course not an ideal situation...  It randomly prevents some of our users from attatching files, or sometimes crashes Outlook on start.

Try opening a ticket with support, and run the MER tool ( when you have the error up.  Don't forget to place the endpoint DLP in debug mode.

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Re: outlook DLP add-in crash

We run into this issue on particular machines as well. We get the below error too though.

outlook add-in.png

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Re: outlook DLP add-in crash

This is not an error. If you want DLPe Email Protection rules to work, ensure that the add-in stays enabled all the time.

For the OP, open a service request with McAfee support.

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