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nDLP Manager 9.3.4 Integration with ePO


We recently completed the integration steps of nDLP 9.3.4 with ePO 5.1.3 via unified incident coping.

-Registered ePO in nDLP Manager

-Registered nDLP on ePO

-Added McAfee ePO database user

The problem that we having is that none of the incidents DiM (Web Prevent or Monitor) are being sent to the ePO. The correctly being triggered and show up in the nDLP Manager but none of them are copied over to the ePO.

Does anybody on this forum successfully integrated nDLP 9.3 with ePO? Are you seeing incidents from Manager in ePO?


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Re: nDLP Manager 9.3.4 Integration with ePO

Also followed the steps to enable "Unified Incident Copy".

The directions didn't indicate which steps where for which "mode" (2 legacy modes and one new Unification mode).

I opened an SR initially to get clarification on the instructions, and I was referenced back to the nDLP 9.3.4 Product guide that I was trying to get clarification on.

I have an SR open now trying to get this feature to work, so far our configuration looks correct, but we have the same problem - we are not seeing the Prevent and Monitor events show up in EPO (I am assuming they will show up in the 9.4/10.0 Incident Manager).

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