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Level 9

hDLP does not catch large files over WebPost protection rule.


I have Host DLP 9.1 and WebPost protection rule. There are two files tagges same tag: first file is small, less 1 Mb - XLS, second file is large, 95 Mb, ppt (power point).

When I try to post to depositfile fist file, it is blocked. Rule works normally, but if I post second large file I get success. File is post, rule doesn't work.

There is option in "File tracking" tab about tracking file size. I tried to set maximum size to 120 Mb for inbound and outbound files. It did not help.

Minwhile, Removablle storage protection rule works for both files

Protecting large files is very important for me.

What I have to configure. Please, help!

Thank you!

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