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fcag.exe process crashes after updates, SR # 3-1519642635

Hi,  am running DLP on Windows XP SP3 machines.  Have had persistant trouble issues in past with fcag.exe process working right.  Recently the DLP policy was being enforced properly via ePO 4.5 and the fcag.exe was holding steady(good) in the client Windows Task Manager.  Yesterday, after I [manually] performed certain Windows and Adobe product updates, on client reboot, the DLP agent hangs on startup and the fcag.exe process does not hold in Task Manager. This has happened on more than one occasion when doing updates, and only temporary solution is to uninstall and reinstall DLP Agent via ePO.  McAfee wants MER data but I cannot provide that due to network privacy issues.  Am running Symantec AntiVirus and the Symantec tamper settings are set to 'Log Only' and the file exclusions set to exclude the McAfee Agent folder(s).  Any potential suggestions or solutions would be appreciated.  SR # 3-1519642635

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