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Where to get the old versions of DLP

Hey guys,

i have a problem with some machines still sitting on DLP 9.3.300 and 9.3.400.

I removed the packages from ePO long time ago and can´t find them in the download section with our Grant-No..

Is there a way where i can download the older versions of DLP so i can uninstall it?
It´s always asking me for an MSI-package and the uninstall-task from ePO also doesn´t work.



Best regards
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Re: Where to get the old versions of DLP

Moved to DLP for faster response.




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Re: Where to get the old versions of DLP

You do not need these versions in the master repository in order to uninstall them.

If your client task is set to remove DLP 9.3.5 or 9.3.6 (and I'm pretty sure that it also works with 9.4.x), it will remove these versions as well. So you can just add one of these in the Master Repository if not already there.

Of course if you are planning to upgrade them to you can just deploy 9.4.x on top of the old installation, no need to uninstall.

You should be able to do the same with most ePO deployed products

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