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Level 7

Where is Database ID

As per infor below

"At initial purchase, McAfee issues a product code and 60 day temporary license key to the customer contact captured on the order. To receive your permanent license key, please email your Database ID and McAfee Grant Number for this purchase to"

where do i find the Database ID to send on to to macafee, does anyone know?

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Level 10

Re: Where is Database ID

The only database ID I am aware of that McAfee uses is for the legacy version of Endpoint Encryption(the non ePO integrated version), you send them a DB ID and they then send back a license based on this key.

Maybe your purchased something like total protection for data ?

All you should need for DLP is the license key that is included in the software you downloaded.

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Level 21

Re: Where is Database ID

to get the EEPC EEM database id, just open the licence information screen (from the file menu if I remember correctly).

It's nothing to do with DLP though.

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