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Update from DLP 9.3.6 to DLP 9.4.2 to DLP 10.0.25

My understanding is we can upgrade extension ONLY from 9.3.6 to 9.4 first and leave clients as is. Then do the migration of policies and events etc. from 9.3 to 9.4. Thereafter we can upgrade to the 10.X extension ONLY (still leave clients on 9.3). We can then check in 10.X client into evaluation to test all the rules etc. on a few machines and then plan migration of remaining clients from 9.3.6 to 10.X. Is this correct in terms of extension only?

Some questions:

1. Can the clients be left on 9.3.6 during this time frame while the migration of events is being done ?

2. Can clients then be moved straight from 9.3.6 to 10.X when the 10.X extension is checked in or do we need to upgrade client from 9.3.6 to 9.4 and then only to 10.X? (ideally I would want to do this in one step as clients require a reboot for the upgrade to take effect , this would mean two upgrades prior to DLP being functional and will leave some systems without DLP controls and monitoring for some time )

3. Lastly is there any option to convert reports from 9.3 to the newer version once the events are all migrated or will reports all need to be rebuilt as well, after the conversions/migrations are done?

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Re: Update from DLP 9.3.6 to DLP 9.4.2 to DLP 10.0.25

The version 10 Product Guide is horribly confusing on this topic.

When you have an existing installation of 9.3.x extension you can check in 9.4 or 10 extension in parallel to 9.3 in the 'current' repo. Therefore your 9.3 clients will be managed by the 9.3 extension as normal and your new 9.4 or 10 clients will be managed by the new extension. During the migration phases you will have two Policy Managers and two Incident Managers.

Then run the 'DLP Policy Conversion' ePo server task which ports 9.3 policy to 9.4/10. You will then edit the new policy in the 9.4/10 Policy Manager.

Now you can pilot a few users with the new 9.4/10 and when you are satisfied migrate the rest in batches. When everyone is migrated you can leave the 9.3 extension in place for historic reference.


1) Yes that is the normal procedure

2) Upgrade direct from 9.3 P6 to 10.

3) Reports and queries are not migrated. They'll still be there for 9.3 but you'll have to start afresh with 9.4/10.



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