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USB Device Control via DLP in Laptops that can be operated while disconnected from the network for prolonged periods of time

I'm looking to test USB Storage Device Control via DLP in a mixed environment but we have a use case scenario that involves laptops that are connected directly to out network at certain points but can be disconnected and used standalone or via a slow remote connection at different times.  From what I've gathered so far USB Storage Device control can be as restrictive as allowing only devices that have had their serial numbers added to the DLP Policy, which is what we want, unless it breaks the above scenario by not allowing access to USB Devices without access to the epo database of approved USB devices.  Has anyone come across a similar situation and now how one might go about mitigating it?  I'm basically wondering if it's possible to avoid a situation in which the DLP Agent is not installed on any of the laptops because they require flexibility when disconnected from the network and it would be impermissible to deny access inadvertently to an authorized device when they are connected remotely or standalone

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