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Trying to Block Internal SD Card Reader

I have a situation where it appears I am unable to block an internal SD Card reader with DLP.  The hardware is a Panasonic CF-N9 running DLP verison (yes, I know almost EOL).  The issue appears to be that the SD/MMC controller is an unmanageable class (IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers, 4d36e96a-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318).  Since this appears to be an unmanageable class, I'm not sure if I will be able to block it.

I will be upgrading the machine  to the latest version, but not sure if it will help since its an unmanageable class.  Any one else have this situation?  Any solutions?


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Re: Trying to Block Internal SD Card Reader

What is the device instance path value?

I have successfully block similar Ricoh SD controller in the past on a Dell laptop.

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Re: Trying to Block Internal SD Card Reader

Hi, cdobol!

Usually, when you connect a card reader, there are several events in dlp. They should be close to the manager incidents. Try to block other devices, such as the controller or reader itself.

As I noted, blocking devices - it's a lottery: you're lucky, no luck. Normal and 100% working version for this dlp I do not know.

I can offer this option yet. Enable Rule PnP to monitor all devices. Then divide them: the first - not the monitor, the latter - are blocked, and others - are monitored. But block controllers on computers, as opposed to laptops is very dangerous - when locking the controller computer blue screen of death. Treatment - enter in safe mode and update the computer policy, removing the lock from the controller.

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