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The current extension version is older

Hi Guys

on Epo 4.6.2 i have upgraded DLP from to

Problem: on my pc (win 7 ent sp1) when i connect to epo console on DLP policy or DLP monitor i always receive this message

The installed version of DLP is The current extension version is Please uninstall DLP management tools from the add or remove programs dialog and reopen epolicy orchestrator console".

Alredy uninstalled DLP management tools and installed the latest as proposed on epo DLP settings.

The weird is that this occours only on my pc, on a fresh system this error doesnt appears so i thing that server side is ok.

How can i get rid of this error?

Anyone with this problem???


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Re: The current extension version is older


1)Backup the HDLp policy

2) Remove package from  master repo

3)Upgrade the extension of HDLP 9.1

4) Remove Management Tools and WCF from add removeprogram

5) restart the SQl service , so epo also restarts

6)Install WCF on the machine

7) Disable pop up blocker

8) Login to EPO open DLP , management tools will beinstalled

9) Check in the DLp agent package in the master rep.

thanks to

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