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Shared folder protection with DLP Endpoint

I have shared folder on file server, and I created a tagging rule, that tags all files in that folder. How can I create a rule to block copying tagged files from that shared folder?

Network protection fule doesn't work. It blocks skype, browsers, other applications, but does not block when I copy files to file server.

Then, I figured out that I can use Network DLP for that, and I created a new policy in DLP Manager, but it doesn't work either.

PS sorry for my English    

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Re: Shared folder protection with DLP Endpoint

DLPe does not block files from being downloaded internally. You have to create protection rules that block those tagged files from being sent out, which would be considered data loss. You should assign permissions to limit the access to those files/folders, if the user that has access to that file tries to email outside of the company, then your email protection rule will block the file from being sent.

I hope that helps


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