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Remove Host DLP without EPO Running

Hi All,

I'm having a really, really bad week.  I'm about 30hrs into trying to resolve this problem, without any luck.

A while back, my licencing with Mcafee expired and the ePO stopped working at around the same time.  I assumed the two were related, but it wasn't clear.  It was not a problem since I had planned to try another solution for our DLP needs.

However, now that I come to uninstall the DLP clients from the computers, I discover that I cannot without a generated key.  ePO will not run, no matter what I try.   It will not uninstall.  I cannot re-install.  (it just tries to uninstall, which fails).  There does not appear to be any other way to generate an uninstall key.

I built a Hyper-v server, installed ePO, but ePO will no install the HDLP extension, no matter what I try. 

Mcafee will not help me because I don't have a valid support contract.  I don't want a support contract, I want out.  Even if I did buy a support contract, Dell tells me it will take a week or more to get it, and I've just travelled half way around the world to take care of things here and I only have 4 days left.

I've tried manually uninstalling, but it appears that Mcafee puts in some low level drivers which when disabled take out the keyboard, mouse and network connection and the only way back is with a Last Known Configuration restore.

To summarize, I'm toast and it looks like I'll be forced to reinstall all my client operating systems as well as one server!

Any help would be very, very greatly appreciated!   The only thing that I do know know is if the uninstall keys are system specific or not.  (ie, could another Mcafee server generate the uninstall key, or does it need to be the specific server to which DLP was registered... I'm guessing yes... but worth a try, I'd pay!)



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Re: Remove Host DLP without EPO Running

It looks like you're having SQL issues.

Navigate to the following address on the EPO server to confirm the SQL server settings are correct and perform a test connection.


If it's successful, then click apply and restart your EPO services.  If it fails, then either the SQL server is not running or the credentials for your SQL connection are incorrect.

Depending on the error you are having while installing the DLP extension, you might be having SQL permission issue there as well.

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Re: Remove Host DLP without EPO Running


Have you already resolved this ? If no, my reply might be help.

1.Back up all registory value.

2.Remove all registory value of DLP.

   * I recommend you to use the "iobit-uninstaller" because it can remove all value when you uninstall DLP even though it cannot be uninstalled.

3.reboot server

4.Delete the folders and files associated with DLP

   *You will see some files that you cannot delete. Delete them with "unlocker". You may need to restart the server few times.

5.After that, see registory by "regedit" to check. If there are several registories that are related to DLP, Remove them by your own.

6.Finally, restart the server.

In all involved in this step, I do not have any responsibility.

Try it on at your own risk


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Re: Remove Host DLP without EPO Running

Usually I wouldn't respond to old dead threads like this, but in case others read this and think they can get around their companies protection, it won't work Arai, dlp is designed specifically to stop unauthorized users from removing it. I expect manual tinkering will end up with a machine which blue screens at best.

Epo licences are not time limited, so I expect the OP had deeper problems then just deciding not to renew their support contract.

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