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Question about compatibility issues between McAfee HDLP 9.3 P1 and Tablet ATIV SmartPC XE500T1C-A01CL


Windows 8.0 (32bits)

McAfee HDLP 9.3 Patch1

McAfee Agent 4.6 Patch3


Processor intel Atom Z2760

RAM DDR2Lde 2 GB a 800 MHz (2 GB en BD)


Ethernet Port
Headphone Output
Micro HDMI
USB 2.0

I've installed McAfee HDLP 9.3 P1 on this model of Tablet which comes with Windows 8.0 and an issue came up that cause the system to crash. After two or three reboots the system gets corrupted and is necessary to make a restore in order to get the tablet back to work. Please, Can someone tell me if this hardware is already supported by HDLP 9.3 P1?. Because the system gets corrupted is almost impossible to get logs or events that could give us a clue about what is going on o causing the crash.

I really appreciate your help.

thank you.

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