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Problems installing McAfee NDLP Prevent


I'm tring to install an  McAfee NDLP Prevent appliance. I'm using an old 1650 platform.  I've installed as stated in the installation files but I've encountered a problem. I cannot install the stingray application.

To be more speciffic:

Step 1: Restauration of the clean Linux OS on the 1650 appliance. - ok

Step 2: installation of the "platform" component (unpacking the arhive and installing the component) -ok

Step 3: Installation of the "stigray" component - failed.

For throuble shooting I've copied also a log from the applince...but found nothing to help me solve the issue.

I've attached  the log and the message that the applince displays.

What did I do wrong  ?

Thanking you,


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