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Problem installing DLP tools on some local machines.

Hi All,

We are a new addition to the DLP community.  I have a problem installing DLP tools on some machines.  I attach a screenshot of the error message below.  The error happens on machines with XP SP3 or even Win7.  The logged on user always has full admin rights and we've tried 'Run as Administrator' on the Win7 machine.  However  The tools have correctly installed on two XP SP3 machines so it doesn't look like its a corrupted installer.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Dave Grennan

Dublin - Ireland.

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Re: Problem installing DLP tools on some local machines.

Well we managed to resolve this.  We went through a number of steps.  Not sure which was the critical one, but here's how we got it working.

- Installed .Net 4.0
- Disabled McAfee services
- Disabled Software protection Service
- Have the latest version of Windows Installer

I then ran below locally from the command prompt using the following
C:\temp\msiexec /i dlpmanagementtools.msi /l dlpsetup.txt

You should find the dlpmanagementtools.msi with you distribution files.

Best Wishes


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