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Problem DLP 9.1 Blocked All Devices.


     I got the problem when i install dlp9.1 to block USB Remoable Storage. I have deployed to Win7 and WinXP. For Win7 it's work fine but in Windows XP 2-3 machine can not use anythine because DLP block ALL Device such as NIC, Wireless, Mouse, Keyboard, USB Bus.  

  For PC now I can do nothing with it but for Laptop I can use Keypad and use windows restore the get back driver.  I can't reinstall driver I don't know why?   I open device manager I see  blocked device has exclamation  "!" on icon. I tried logon to self mode.. all device still were blocked.

Please help me.. How can I do with my PC. My PC no PS/2 port too.

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Re: Problem DLP 9.1 Blocked All Devices.

it is better you use "Plug and Play Device Definition" to specially define the USB remavable devices (the port , the category and ...) and then difine 'Plug and Play Device Rule" for that. in this kind of definition you can specifically define what kind of USB devces (storage, printer, bluetooth , ...) you want to block.

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