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Policy assignment error after server move

Hi everyone,

any help on this one would be greatly appreciated.

A change of the ePO server's name and IP was required because the host has been moved.

Since then there is a problem when trying to save the DLP policy.

We did change the names and URLs accordingly in the options and/or extra menus and the SQL services display the correct name in their properties, but there must be some place we are missing.

Roughly translated from German to English, this is what happens after clicking the apply button in the DLP policy area.

The window with the two tabs "Tasks" and "Warnings" appears.

Tasks says

- Creating global policy <- works out ok

- Writing white list to global policy <- also works out ok

- Saving global policy to reports database <- This one fails!

A popup with the title "policy assignment" states that an error while entering policy members to the report creation database has occured.

Exception information:

Network or instance specific error while establishing a connecting with the SQL server. The server could not be found or could not be accessed.

Check the instance name and if SQL server allows remote connections. (provider: SQL -network interfaces, error: 26 - Error determining the specified server/instance)

Perhaps someone can let me know where to look for further possible entries.

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