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Planning to upgrade DLP 9.3.4 to 9.4.0

Dear Team,

In our environment we already upgrade DLP 9.3.4 from 9.3.3 in that time we observed that some issues regarding quires

Now we are planning to upgrade to DLP 9.4.0,So we are like to know that by upgrading DLP fixes this issue .

Also is any known issue regarding this upgradation.

Thanks and Regards,

Snehdeep Kawade

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Level 7

Re: Planning to upgrade DLP 9.3.4 to 9.4.0

Hi Snehdeep,

I will advise you to upgrade to DLP 9.3.5 and then you can upgrade to version 9.4.1,

because only the version 9.4.1 support a migration operation to all policies and event.

mcafee dlp 9.4 - good to know - Migration - FramePkg

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