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Outlook 365 ProPlus CTR hangs when sending e-mails. DLP 11.2

I am posting this here in case someone else in the community may have been lucky enough to have gotten this resolved already.

I currently have a case opened with McAfee Platinum support to address this though it is taking a while to be able to get results due to obtaining data from users. This issue seems to hit some users and not others. Also, it affects those users somewhat randomly as they do not have the issue all of the time.

When sending e-mails regardless of information, attachments or size (for example a plain e-mail with no signature and the subject and body only being "test") the user will get the popup "Please wait while McAfee DLP analyzes your email". The email window will hang and sometimes outlook will go into a not responding status. Then the e-mail will send though it may take anywhere from 10sec to 3min for even a basic e-mail to send. We are also seeing long delays when working with meetings.

Disabling the add-in or applying a test policy to disable e-mail inspection will of course resolve this. 

For some users we have upgraded them to 64-bit Office 365 ProPlus CTR and they have reported no further issues. For a few others they have reported that the issue is less frequent and/or the delay in sending the e-mails have been greatly reduced. 

The issue does not happen in safe mode etc. either.

This issue started after the 10/18 office patches. I cannot confirm that this is related but suspect that something changed in how DLP interacts with Office since this time as our office products started seeing great performance hits across the board between 10/18-01/19 with varying degrees of impact after each update. To improve performance, I have been digging through logs, procmons, dumps etc. and have been excluding everything I can such as the windows and office update processes etc. Performance has improved as far as the widespread performance impacts, we were seeing. I am just stuck with this main issue at this time with Outlook not playing nice.

Any non-basic troubleshooting suggestions would be appreciated.

Is anyone else seeing this issue? 



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