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Other reported registration error


I'm installing a DLP Monitor 11 monitor virtualized appliance.  When I try to register the server to the ePO, I get the following error message.

ms error.png



I suspect an issue on the ePO. What can I check on the ePO that could give me more information about this registration message? Is there a log, config, or database I can look at that can give me a clue?


Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

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Re: Other reported registration error

I"m still trying to troubleshoot this registration issue.  I'm doing a stare and compare between my monitor servers (on ESXI and Ravello).

It looks like the servers have the correct IP address. Anybody know where the path to the config file where the ePO server IP address information is stored on the Monitor or Prevent server?

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Re: Other reported registration error

I am having the same problem. One other thing I noticed was, when you delete a prevent from ePO server, if it does not get unregistered/deleted properly, then the prevent still thinks that it is registered to a ePO server and will not let you re-register it to the same or any other ePO server. This is when you see "other reported registration error"


Now, I am not sure how to resolve it or where to find the logs related to this error. Did you resolve it? please share your progress? Thanks in advance.  

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Re: Other reported registration error

Please check the server port. It should be 8443. Unless you have changed the default ports in ePO.

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