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Need help with uninstall


My kid installed Dlp endpoint on personal PC , so i need to remove it. We are offline. Can you help with release code? Id code: VGU3-4AGH-LHUH-K14N.

Thank you

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Re: Need help with uninstall

Hello Radomir24,

I do not know how your child could install this software. Because it's not normaly for personal use and It is managed by McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator server. (McAfee ePO)

The response code you specify here must be generated by the ePO server that manage your DLP endpoint.

If it's true that it's your home computer, I suggest you contact McAfee directly or asked your kid where did he get the DLP client installation file? Or simply backup you PC and reinstall the OS.

Thank you

Re: Need help with uninstall

He is in that phase when he clicks on everything he gets his hands on. 😕

Any way to remove it manually, wo OS reinstall?

Re: Need help with uninstall

I cleaned everything through Ubuntu. Thanks once again.

You can delete this topic now.

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