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NDLP Monitor Troubleshooting

Hello, I need to verify that the ports on a NDLP Monitor 4400 appliances are working properly and are receiving network data from a newly installed TAP.

What are the UNIX commands that I can use when I SSH to the appliance to verify proper port operations and to test/see the data flow it is supposed to be getting?

Any help will be appreciated!


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Re: NDLP Monitor Troubleshooting


First thing you want to do is to make sure there are no errors on the capture ports. Check the counters on eth2 and eth3 using the ifconfig command. ethtool -S <eth#> (where <eth#> is the interface you are checking) will give more detailed stats.

If (or when) there are no errors there then you may want to have a look at how what traffic is arriving at the Monitor capture port. Have a look at on how to obtain a packet capture at the appliance.

That should help you get started.