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NDLP 11.0 MS or PS VM on VMware Workstation (lab environment)


I'm setting up an NDLP lab and trying to install the MS and PS servers on VMware Workstation on an HP Zbook 64GB RAM.

First question - I know it is not a supported configuration but has anyone in this forum has made the VM work using either the file?  When I power it up, I get the following message:

Workstation error 01.png

I click Retry and I'm allowed to continue but after powering it up, I get the following messages: Please enter the password to continue with this installation. Press the enter key to reboot the system.

ms password01.png

ms password.png

I don't know the password. Do you?

Second question - Has anyone tried to install the same machine in VMware Workstation using the McAfee-MS-11.0.200-3456.104.iso file? Are there any tweeks one can do to make the ISO VM work?

Thank you for any details and assistance you can provide!

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