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Multiple Device Rules to Assignment Group

DLP 9.3

I need to block all access to USB devices and make CD/DVDs read only.

I can configure seperate device rules to do this no problem. I can't figure out how to assign more than one computer assignment group in the system tree -> Assigned Policies. I can see the 2 policies in the policy catalog but I can only associate 1 with the Coumpter Assignment Group.

I think I'm missing something pretty simple here I'm just not sure what the heck it is.

I'm basically following these directions :

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Re: Multiple Device Rules to Assignment Group

There can only be 1 CAG policy per group.

You can define another CAG in the subgroup but not under the same group.

Just define 2 device rules [one for USB read only and one for CD/DVD read only]  in that same CAG and you should be ok.

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