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Monitor Files moving from USB to host computer

Is there a way to monitor files being copied from a USB device to a host DLP computer?  I saw this question posted before with no answer. 

I'd like to see what's moving into the environment before I make decisions on policies to block.  I think it can be done with File Application Protection rules, but can't think my way through a policy.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Level 10

Re: Monitor Files moving from USB to host computer

Unfortunately this is a current limitation of the McAfee HDLP application.  Its only capable of monitoring data being moved to USB devices.  I have hope this will be addressed in a future release.

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Level 13

Re: Monitor Files moving from USB to host computer

You cannot report on files copied from USB to computer.You can use location based tagging rule to tags files copied from removable storage and CD/DVD devices to the computer. You may use this tag on protection rules to enforce block/monitor etc. reactions.

This will at least report on files that the user copied from the USB and tried to send out.

DLP is Data Loss/Leak Prevention. Data coming to your computer is not considered Data Loss/Leak.

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