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Mcafee NDLP and EPO 5.1.1 integration

Hi all,

Can anyone help me with the best way to integrate the NDLP Manager with the EPO 5.1.1?

Also, I am trying to restore the configuration of an NDLP maanager from a central site to another NDLP manager in another branch location. We would like to have all the concepts, rules that we have created in the central site to be applied to the other location as well. But I guess from the backup / restore option of NDLP manager configuration, network settings, incidents, cases etc. will be restored. Has anyone did this kind of setup earlier? What are risks when we do this configuration? how do we resolve this? or whats the recommended way?

Thanks and regards,


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Re: Mcafee NDLP and EPO 5.1.1 integration

Moved provisionally to DLP for faster support




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