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Making Hardware Encrypted USB drives read-only

We are using HDLP v9.1 in our environment. We allow only authorized removable storage devices to be used in our environment.

We are planning to allow Hardware Encrypted USB drives (IronKey, McAfee Encrypted USB, etc.) as well but we want to make them read-only. However, due to some internal changes that the standalone application is trying to do on the USB drive, we couldn't use the HDLP device rule to make these drives read-only.

Would anyone be able to show us a way to achieve this?


EDIT: I have edited the title and content because we have had the same issue for IronKey devices as well. Looks like this applies for all hardware encrypted removable storage media.

Message was edited by: cispro on 3/9/12 7:57:15 AM CST
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