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Mail Alert in NDLP


I want a alert mail alert in NDLP when there is CPU,memory utilization  exceeds certain limit or hard disk fails etc.

Is it possible in NDLP.Kindly let me know

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Re: Mail Alert in NDLP

Plzzzz update if anyone knows..

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Level 12

Re: Mail Alert in NDLP

NDLP alone doesn't provide the tools to monitor and notify.  However an SNMP trap can be utilized to provide the alerts.

From the built in help from the NDLP GUI:

These properties can be monitored using SNMP traps for 4400 and 5500 appliances: 

Hard drive failure
System fan or processor fan failure
Power unit failure
Disk usage exceeds the threshold
Memory usage exceeds the threshold
CPU usage exceeds the threshold
System temperature exceeds the threshold

Configuration for the SNMP traps takes place under the system tab for the device itself (configure link).

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