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MCP Helpdesk: "Failed to generate the selected key:" for DLP

EPO 5.9.0 9 (Build 732)

DLP 11.0 Hot Fix 2 (

Hi Folks,

We have been having issues with the MCP Help Desk module (previously known as Help Desk i guess) where it will not generate the unlock keys for the DLP. So far we tried generating it using the password from the policy, entering password manually, using master password wiht no luck. As soon as you click "Generate Key" you get pop up saying "Failed to generate the selected key:"


I looked on the forums but all the posts are really old and are about Help Desk module not this new one. Also looked at the KBs with no luck, the most recent one I found is

Does anyone know how to troubleshoot this? Where the logs are as I dont even know what the problem is right now.


Thank you

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McAfee Employee

Re: MCP Helpdesk: "Failed to generate the selected key:" for DLP

Typically we use the Policy option rather than the password. This would be unique to the system as each system can have a different policy so care should be taken to verify the policy currently being enforced on the system prior to selecting the policy and generating the response code.

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