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Laptop Integrated webcam getting block

We have set DLP policy in our environment where USB devices i.e. removable and Plug & play devices will not be accessible. But It also blocks integrated Webcam in the laptop using plug and play devices rule. My problem is that I want to allow the users to use webcam only. Could somebody help me with this? We have EPO 5.9 & DLP 11.

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Re: Laptop Integrated webcam getting block

Hi Rushikesh;

You would need to add an exclusion in the policy for the Webcam.  This would need to be part of the Definitions.  You would want to add the VID/PID or serial number to the definitions and allow it. 

1. Navigate to the DLP Incident Manager; click on the Incident History tab.
      a.  Locate the Incident type or timeframe it was blocked so that you can open the properties
      b.  When in the Properties of the incident on the right side there should be Additional Information where you can get the serial number and vid/pid information.

2.  When you have the serial number and vid/pid information Navigate to the DLP Policy Manager
3.  choose the Definitions tab and then Device Control on the left
4.  In the right side of the display choose Actions --> New --> Whitelisted Plug and Play Device
     a. name the new device and give it a description
     b.  Choose the Property to use and enter the informaton collected. 
5.  from there save out and apply the item to a polcy,  apply that policy it to the test system to make sure it works. 


Hope this helps.

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