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LDT tool.

Hello All.

Don't know if its the right place to ask here about Linux Diagnostic Tool for McAfee appliances (LDT 2.0.X)?!!

anyway, we suspect a hardware failure in one of the appliances it stops working suddenly and when rebooting it from the power button it works fine, this problem occurred 3 times in the last month, we have opened service request with McAfee Technical Support and they assigned it to the hardware team, HW team requested first the GETLOGS logs from the appliance and i sent them the logs. unfortunately the getlogs output was not inconclusive, so they asked to use LDT to get a fresh logs.

I tried to use usb method on the appliance but the boot menu is not showing up and a massage appeared saying "this version is only supports boot from CD-ROM and Hard Drive" in the LDT documents saying to use the CD method download the iso and burn it using the native burning tool from the windows, that exactly what i did with no results

any ideas ?! anyone faced such a problem with his customers ??

Thanks in advance.


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Re: LDT tool.

I think DLP is possibly a better spot, so moved it there and will monitor just in case I'm wrong.




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