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Installation of DLP 9.2 using sccm

Dear all

Is there a way to prevent the the challenge response prompt when installing DLP

I have seen following...

"prevent the the challenge response prompt."

SCCM must run as "system" in order to supress the challenge/response dialog.  If SCCM runs under any other credential you will see the pop-up.

Above is already set in SCCM

Version to install is 9.2

Any help would be most appreciated


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Re: Installation of DLP 9.2 using sccm

If you are talking about McAfee agent installation pls try this commandline "FramePkg.exe /Install=Agent /ForceInstall /Silent", you can get the executable file from ePO -> New System -> "Create and downloadagent installation package".

If you want to deploy DLP agent, it should be no, it only can be deployed by client task from ePO console.

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Re: Installation of DLP 9.2 using sccm

IMO, ePO is one of the most compelling reasons to use McAfee products at all.   It's actually really really nice.

Why aren't you using it to deploy the HDLP agent?    As virgona said, I'm not sure there's even a usable way to use SCCM to deploy HDLP.   You can use it to deploy McAfee agent, which then enables the system to talk to the ePolicy Orchestrator,  and once that occurs, you're just an ePO product deployment task, and policy creation away from deploying HDLP to all system that have the McAFee agent.

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Re: Installation of DLP 9.2 using sccm

Thanks for the input

I have sorted this one

Well yes of course i guess thats one of the main things using EPO for to deploy, normaly tagging and viola deployed

But in some cases we havent got the viola.

But this is sorted

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Re: Installation of DLP 9.2 using sccm

You may use SCCM if ePO is not an option. Under DLP Agent Config (newer 9.x versions) you can disable Challenge Response for upgrade. I do not recommend doing this for Uninstalls.

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