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Importing a CSV into DLP

I have been trying to import a list of serial numbers(volume_serial_numbers)  into dlp via CSV. My question is "How do I also import a description of the value that I just imported" The description will be the serial number that is outside of the device. I have been trying to find the proper heading to add with the VOLUME_SERIAL_NUMBERS, but have been unsuccessful. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Importing a CSV into DLP

I am looking for this answer as well. Any Luck?

Also, I am looking for a good way to export or query the device instance ID's from the database for my DLP policies.

Re: Importing a CSV into DLP

As of now i have ask this question to the McAfee Consultants before. there is no way of importing Description in. They had only allow the 1st column to be port in. Basically this fuction useless for me since it only allow importing only one column.

I hope this can be improve this. also able to export out the list will be great.


Re: Importing a CSV into DLP

I had log this together with exporting out the data below is their answer to this importing issue, McAfee great job now. I am dissappointed after buying this item.

This email is regarding Service Request# 3-1912757738. Hope you are doing fine.

I tried to reproduce it, and it is possible to get only the value column not description. To get both need to raise PER.

Re: Importing a CSV into DLP

I had the same problem regarding Description values. I have tried importing a VID/PID list for smartphones but description column values are not imported. This was really annoying and I want McAfee to fix this bug.

Re: Importing a CSV into DLP

It nice to give an update since 2 yrs ago and the answer is there is no improvement.

I had actually raise this PER during the 9.1 version (Currently running 9.3) after the checks with the support.

Even thou i have left the project/job i am working 2 yrs ago. It's sad i guess it did not take into consideration.

With now i am working with at a reseller on the product which i know that there is no update of this in this current version. 

To them might not be a bug its a feature.  Possible they did not get this done.

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