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I have nonworking rules on "host DLP 9"


So far, I am interested How I can understand why my rules, don't work?

I have 2 same offices. I deployed ePO, host DLP, several DLP agents (workstations), and three rules.

- ePO and DLP in both offices are licensed (DLP functions avialable)

- all agents modules (handlers) are enabled

- File tracking are enabled

In both offices I created 3 test rules

1) The rule kind "Device Rules", that just blocks flashs and USB Devices.

2) The rule kind "Removable Storage Protection Rule" that just blocks writing tegging files from server to flash devices.

3) The rule kind "Printing Protection Rule" that just blocks printing tegging files from server on all printers.

My results:
In first office It works everything. All of my rules work!

In second office works only Device Rules. Other rules don't work. I've been trying to different configurations of rules but It didn't work.

What I should to veryfy and check in my system? How I can to recognize my problem?

Thank you

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Re: I have nonworking rules on "host DLP 9"

Check your User Assignment Groups if the users from Office 2 is also included in the User assignment group where you implemented the policy.

Its probable that the users from Office 2 is not included in the assignment group therefore no policy is being triggered.

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Re: I have nonworking rules on "host DLP 9"

I've been veryfied User Assignment Groups allways. It is normal and correct.

I forgot to say that when I look at DLP Monitor I don't see messages about applying this rules, at least not all. More NO, then YES. Agents on workstation is avialable, because Device Block rule works.

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