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How to remove Mcafee HDLP Manually.

Hi Team,

I want to remove McAfee HDLP manually ,not through ePO server.

Steps Performed:

1> Removing dlp from control panel but it is asking for code(but i want remove it manually)..

2>Removing Registry but its showing "unable to delete all specified values".

Please help how to remove it..

Thanks in advance

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Re: How to remove Mcafee HDLP Manually.

Is anyone is there for my help...

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Re: How to remove Mcafee HDLP Manually.


You have forgotten the password that was set during installation?

- set password for remove DLP in - DLP Policy - tools - options - security.

- update policy.

- remove dlp from control panel by using password

or you may disable password:

ePO | Menu | Data Protection | DLP Policy | Agent Configuration | Advanced Configuration

Check the 'Show challenge-response on uninstall' check box, and then select 'Disabled' to the right

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