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How to export device list from DLP Policy?

Maybe I'm just overlooking something obvious, but I can't seem to find a way to export a Removable Storage Device Definition list from within our DLP Policy under ePO.

We have a policy to block all USB drives except ones that are part of an "Approved Drives" Removable Storage Device Rule, which uses a device definition of USB devices by serial number.

My manager wants a printout of all of the USB drives that have been approved for use on our network.

There is a way to import a list of drives under device definition parameter, but no export option, and I can't seem to copy-paste the list either, without selecting each item individually.

Is there any way to do this?


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Re: How to export device list from DLP Policy?

We had the same problem, this is what we came up.

Assuming you are logged into ePO ...

  • Open DLP Policy
  • Click File, Synchronize Templates
  • Click on Device Definition Tab
    • On the left side you will see all the templates on your local workstation, on the right everything that is maintained within your DLP policy by ePO
    • Highlight all the items on the right side that you want to sync with your workstation
    • Click the button with the icon with the green arrowpointing to the left
    • You will notice that the items on the left have been updated to reflect the current policy settings on the right
    • Click Ok to close this screen
      • If you receive an error that states “Failedsynchronizing templates…Access to the path “” is denied.” You will need to relaunch your browser with Admin level credentials and repeat the previous steps.
  • Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the following directory
    • 32bit Path = C:\ProgramFiles\McAfee\DLP\Management Tools\Templates\Removable Storage Device Definitions
    • 64bit Path = C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\DLP\ManagementTools\Templates\Removable Storage Device Definitions
  • You should see all the definitions that you have transferred in XML format.

You can then copy the XML files to another directory and modify them to get the result you desire for your reporting.  Unfortunately there is no other method that I have found to get this information out of ePO.

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Re: How to export device list from DLP Policy?

Many thanks for the info! It would be nice if there were a more straightforward method built into ePO, but this works for now.

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Re: How to export device list from DLP Policy?

Even I had similar requirement but unfortunately this feature is not available within ePO  and this is has been confirmed by Intel Security Platinum support.

Submitted a PER for the same but it requires lot of votes to decide McAfee product management team whether to add this feature or not.

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