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How to block file uploading to Drop box using web Protection Rule.??Need step by step Guidance?

Hi All,

I  am trying to block files uploading to dropbox using web post protection rule butunable to do that. i am follwing that steps that are mentioned below.

Web destination

1 In the McAfee DLP Endpointpolicyconsole navigation pane under Definitions,select WebServers.

The available web servers appear in the main pane.

2 In the Web Servers window,right-click and select Add New | Web Server.

A new Web Server icon appears.

3 Double-click the icon.

The edit window appears.

4 In the text box at the bottomof thewindow, type the web server URL and click Addto add a web

server address.

5 To add a resource path,right-clickthe web server address and select Add| Resource Path.Type the

path and click OK.

6 Type a description (optional).

7 Click OK

Create and define a web post protection rule

Web post protection rules monitor or block data from beingpostedto websites, including web-based

email sites.

The web post protection rule is supported for MicrosoftInternetExplorer 6 and later, and Firefox 3.6,

4.0, and 5.0. For other browsers, use networkcommunicationprotection rules.

Web post protection rules can block or monitor content uploadedtowebsites based on AJAX or Flash

technologies. This includes the following sites:

• Microsoft Outlook Web Access • Yahoo

• Gmail • Hotmail

• Google Docs

When a web post protection rule is enabled, web post fileuploadscontinue in the background after the

upload bar indicates that the upload is finished.

For option definitions, press F1.


1 In the McAfee DLP Endpoint policyconsolenavigation pane, selectContentProtection | Protection Rules

The available protection rules appear in the right-hand pane.

2 In the Protection Rulespane,right-click and select Add New | Web Post Protection Rule.

3 Rename the rule to somethingthatwill help you recognize its specific function.

4 Double-click the rule icon andfollowthese steps in the wizard:

Step Action

1 of 8(optional) Selectthe Select from list option, then select anavailable web destination or web

destination group for this rule. Click Add item to create a new web destination

definition. Click Addgroup to create a new webdestinationgroup. Click Next.

Not defining any specific web destinations will block alloutgoingHTTP content.

2 of 8 (optional) Selecttags, content categories, and groups to be included orexcluded from

the rule. You must include at least one tag, content category,orgroup to use

the exclude option. Click Additem to create a new tag orcontentcategory. Click

Add group to create anew tag and contentcategory group. Click Next.

3 of 8 (optional) Selectthe Select from list option, then select file typesfrom the available list.Use

the Other File Types option to select unlisted(unknown) file types. Click Next.

4 of 8 (optional) Selectthe Select from list option, then select fileextensions from the available

list. Click Next.


5of 8 (optional) Select a document propertiesdefinition ordefinition group from the available

list.You can include or exclude definitions. Click Additem to create a new

documentproperties definition or Add group to create a new document

propertiesgroup. Click Next.

6of 8 (optional) To apply the rule to specificencryption types,select the Select from list option,

andselect one or more encryption types.

7of 8 Select actions from theavailable list. Bydefault, selecting an action selects

both Onlineand Offline. Deselect either as required.If you select Monitor, click

Severityto modify the value. If youselect NotifyUser, click Changedefault alert to

modifythe alert message, URL, or link text. If you want RequestJustification to

blockweb posts when no justification is provided, you must alsoselect Block.

Click Next.

8of 8 (optional) Select an assignment group orgroups, or define anew group by clicking Add.

Click Finish.

You caninclude or exclude tags and file extensions.

5To activate the rule,right-click the protectionrule icon and select Enable.

lookingforward for your feedback.i would appreciate if you send me step by step guidance ie screenshots on my email ID.



emailID ::

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Re: How to block file uploading to Drop box using web Protection Rule.??Need step by step Guidance?

You're asking a lot of someone in a community support forum to write custom documentation for ya.

This would be a great use of a support case, however.  I'm sure McAFee support would be happy to do a screen sharing session with you to walk you through the procedure and identify where you're having trouble. 

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